Knowledge is a powerful thing. It can help us avoid past mistakes, erase fear, find a cure, and create thousands of things that make our lives better.  (Dishwasher and washing machine come to my mind first—love ‘em)  Unfortunately, knowledge can also have an adverse effect when it’s not tempered with the wisdom of experience.

Sitting in the movie house this past week, I listened to the conversation of a young woman who sat directly behind me.  For those of you thinking how dare I eavesdrop, just let me say she spoke loud enough people seated ten chairs away probably heard as well.  She was “like” this awesome journalist who just “like” graduated from college and “like” works for this newspaper whose colleagues she “like” works with are “like” old and “like” stupid because of it… 

Now that is not verbatim, but it was pretty darn close to how she spoke. As you can imagine, I seriously “like” thought about turning around and giving her a piece of my mind.  And not just for her overuse of the word “like”.  I have no doubt she has gained a lot of knowledge, acquiring any college degree is difficult, but to be so full of yourself to devalue the work of others no matter HOW OLD THEY ARE—OOO!  Excuse me while I massage the cramp I still have in my hand from clutching the armrest. 

Knowledge is not only found in books, and nobody will ever know everything.  No matter how many degrees they hold.  The wisest of people have learned to keep their minds open—ready to glean truth wherever they may find it.  A life lesson this young woman may only learn the hard way.  Hopefully, you’ll all be a little smarter.

About janelleevans

I'm a sleep deprived mother of three. I create young adult novels from the voices in my head.
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