Stuffed Souls update: Be still my heart a boy has joined the ranks

I’ve been writing for more than a decade now but my oldest, sixteen-year-old son has never shown any interest in what I write.

“They’re just too chickish for me,” he says.

Well…you can’t please everyone and my main focus group is girls, so it’s hard to be offended by the comment. My thirteen-year-old daughter on the other hand inhales my novels the moment she sees a copy in our home. She goes on and on, telling her brothers and everyone else how amazing they are. Her excitement is a major motivation to keep writing, but to my shock I caught my oldest son reading my latest novel, Stuffed Souls, last week. He made eye contact with me over the open book in his hands but said nothing, so I kept walking. You don’t want to jinx these things. On Friday my son stuck his head into my bathroom where I was getting ready for the day.

“You’re really twisted, Mom.”

“Oh really?” I kept right on applying my mascara. “And why’s that?”

“Your Stuffed Souls, I can’t believe you made that up. It was really good, but crazy. Are your other novels like this?”

“Hmm…They’re such different plots it’s hard to compare them, but I don’t write snooze-fests. I like fast moving stories with unpredictable plots so that’s how I try to always write. I guess you’ll finally have to pick up the first book of the Rory’s Choice series and find out for yourself.” Dare I hope he’ll become a fan too? I don’t know those “chickish” parts might be too much for him. 😉

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Stuffed Souls: a scene that almost didn’t happen

If you’ve gotten your copy of Stuffed Souls already and sucked it right down, I have a fun fact for you. The opening scene of Chapter twelve wasn’t in the original manuscript. I had glossed over the truck ride with Elam to get to the juicer, emotional, roller coaster ride of Jessica and Travis. If you don’t know what that means, you’re missing out. Get the book and read it. Oh looky…here’s a link.

Anyway…my editor, Mary Einfeldt, was like I don’t think so, I want to see what happens in that truck ride. It took me a couple of days of thinking to come up with a plan, but when I started fleshing out the scene I had to stop several times just to chuckle at the visual I could see in my head. What had I been thinking? Not only is the opening scene in chapter twelve hilarious, it gives the reader an even stronger insight into Elam’s character traits. I’m so glad I took up the challenge the editor placed before me. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; the best editors are the ones who push more than applaud your work.

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Always learning. Always growing.

I’m over the moon about the launch of my latest novel, Stuffed Souls. It’s my best work yet. Click here to get your copy today. The eBook version will be available next month.

I think back over the last decade of writing and realize how important both failures and successes are to my writing. Just like everything in life we don’t have all the answers, so my initial writing style leaned heavily on what I did know—script writing. Road shows, one acts, I was the queen of writing short scenes in my younger years. While this helped the dialogue stay snappy, my narratives were weak. It took time and practice, and a realization that novels are not like live theater. A book’s stage is in the readers head, so I needed to build a better structure around my characters words. Even now I don’t have all the answers, and that’s okay. I have yet to create the perfect novel, and that’s okay too. I recently heard Justin Timberlake say, “Perfection is the death of greatness.” I couldn’t agree more. I’m not done creating yet. There are many, many more stories mulling around in my head.

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Stuffed Souls pocketbook pre-orders…

Only a few more days, March 1st 2018, until the official release of Stuffed Souls to the public. I wanted to answer a couple of questions I’ve been asked lately, since they seem to keep popping up.

  1. The cover makes me think this book might be a scary read, how scary is it?

Answer: This book is as clean and uplifting as my Rory’s Choice series. Yes, there are some intense moments in this novel, but think R.L. Stine not Stephen King. You’ll find no gore whatsoever.

2. How kid friendly is this novel compared to your last novels?

Answer: Again, I write for young adults, which means age twelve and up. I take into careful consideration my audience at all times. I have a thirteen-year-old daughter of my own. If I wouldn’t feel comfortable with her reading it, I won’t write it.

This young Adult novel is getting rave reviews by all who have read it. I can’t wait for you to read it too. You can even pre-order pocketbook-sized copies right now through Amazon. com. Click on the book cover below for your direct link.

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Stuffed Souls lands me a nomination!

I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. I’ve been nominated for Top Female Author presented by for my upcoming paranormal novel Stuffed Souls. Winning would be a huge boost to my writing goals, but just being nominated is pretty amazing, especially since the nomination wasn’t submitted by anyone related to me. I’ve always felt Stuffed Souls was something special. I’ve got my fingers crossed the panel of judges will feel the same. To get your own copy of this powerful book it will be on sale to the general public in just a couple of weeks, March 1st 2018.


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Flossing ain’t just for teeth anymore

My youngest son is one outgoing, impressionable ten-year-old. A few months ago I showed him a viral video of the BYU mascot doing a dance with the drill team for a football game’s half-time. In the middle of the dance somewhere they do a move I’ve always heard called “flossing.” It’s where put your hip between your straightened arms then shake your hips back and forth while your arms circle in front of you until they get to the other side where this hip will also go between your extended arms. This move can go on and on, from one hip to the other. Anyway, my son got such a kick out of it he’s been determined to get this move down for himself. At the most random moments—in stores, wrestling tournaments, while walking to school—the attempt to floss will start. His arms and hip wiggles are so extreme it’s hilarious to watch. Without fail he always says something like, “I think I’m getting it now.”

Oh, sweet love, he’s nowhere close to getting it, but I’m enjoying myself so much I bite my lips between my teeth to keep from laughing. “Mm-hmm, keep trying.” Any mom would be insane to deter this kind of entertainment.

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Stuffed Souls insights

My latest novel, Stuffed Souls, will be out in less than a month. One of the first characters you’ll meet is Beatrice. She’s not the most lovable of creatures, but oh…she is loyal—manically so. There is this righteous justice that makes up the core of her. It’s such a powerful belief she’s willing to do what most of us consider unthinkable—to kill and kill again—until revenge is complete. Characters like her are fun for me to write. In real life doing such a thing would land me behind bars, but in the land of make-believe anything is fair game. It’s awesome. Pick up your copy of Stuffed Souls on March 1st 2018.


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