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I'm a sleep deprived mother of three. I create young adult novels from the voices in my head.

The importance of a lengthy lunch break

We’ve been in the middle of finishing a basement for more months than I care to think about, but we finally made it to painting. I’m so overjoyed I yanked my kids out of bed early on Saturday to get … Continue reading

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Does it always have to mean war?

Yes, we humans can be silly, rude, angry, sweet, and many other emotions. It’s part of the human condition. It is also true that even among best friends disagreements will erupt. Most disagreements don’t have to be, and really shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Who installed these brakes on my train of life?

My body has decided to bring a whole new struggle to my writing, adding a painful dose of Carpal Tunnel to the mix. This recent flare up is the worst I’ve ever experienced. We’re talking never-ending numbness in my hands … Continue reading

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A lesson that took a long time to learn

As I walked my youngest son to school last week, meandering at a pace of we-get-there-when-we-get-there, my mind started to reflect on how different this was compared to when I walked my older children to school. My younger years were … Continue reading

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Maybe it’s morbid but it motivates

I never feel my age until I overdo it. So I should just avoid overdoing it, right? The problem is it seems to take less and less for me to overdo it. Of all of life’s jokes I think this … Continue reading

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Stuffed Souls needs your help

Thank you to all who have read my latest book, Stuffed Souls. The excitement I keep hearing is wonderful, but I do have a favor to ask. Please go to or and leave a review, or even better, … Continue reading

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Stuffed Souls insights: surrounded my people smarter than me

My latest novel, Stuffed Souls, stretched my imagination in so many ways. I like to keep my books as plausible as possible but my imagination had taken me down a road of Voodoo and intubated bodies—subjects I knew very little … Continue reading

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