Give the oar back!

To the women of the world, both old and young, each of you is a valued, beloved daughter of our Heavenly Father.  In his eyes, we are equally loved, yet, especially as the female gender, we tend to tear at each other’s weaknesses. Why? 

The woman working at the desk next to you, the young woman eating in the school cafeteria across the way, is on the same river of life as you.  We each have been issued a rickety rowboat to traverse it with.  Some may dress theirs up, with fancy paint and adornment, other boats may look slimmer than yours, but the tiny holes (our insecurities) are still there.

Stop ripping the oars (our self-esteem) out of each other’s hands, with our cuttings words, and cliquish ways.  You only have two hands in which to row with, so what do you need a third oar for?  The journey of life is not a competition.  Do you really think the Lord will be pleased if you cross some imaginary finish line first at the expense of your sister? 

Women everywhere, search your hearts.  We all have shortcomings, so who are we judge another for theirs?  We are supposed to be the softer, fairer sex of the human race.  It is time to revive the kindness that is diminishing inside us, and show the world what humanity really means.

About janelleevans

I'm a sleep deprived mother of three. I create young adult novels from the voices in my head.
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