The day the world stopped spinning

Unfortunately, this year began with a huge stumble for me.  My blog for Monday January 2nd not only didn’t post, but was gone.  Technology and I have never been close.  It’s more like a grudging working-relationship out of necessity.  But on that day, technology might as well have bit me on the butt and ran away laughing.  I sat on my mother’s floor, since I was on vacation, and cried.   

When I attended a seminar on self-promotion, I learned the most important thing about blogging was content.  “Content is king,” he said, “you need to create something interesting and worth reading.”  The second most important thing was consistency.  “It shows you’re audience that you care about them and what you’re creating.” 

Well, there I was with the big fat “F” of failure hanging over my head.  I don’t save my blog entries to my hard drive since it is already bogged down with all the novels and children’s stories I have written.  So, I had a choice, I could either pack up my husband and kids, cutting our vacation short, and drive like a crazy woman back to Las Vegas.  Then make them all go in a room somewhere and be quiet so “Mommy” could frantically pound out a few more hours to re-write what I had painstakingly wrote before I left.  Or, suck up my disappointment, before I ruined what was left of our vacation.  As you can see, I choose the latter, though it wasn’t easy.  When I set goals, I do not like to deviate or fall short.

For me the lack of entry on January 2nd 2012 will stand as a blaring mistake—a moment when my world stopped spinning.  I’m sure you’ve had moments like these in your life as well.  Moments we can’t change or really fix, unless someone has a time machine I don’t know about.  So here I am, throwing myself at the feet of my readers, saying, “I’m sorry I let you down.  I do care about you.” 

I know any success I achieve in the publishing industry hinges on your loyalty.  And that power should never be overlooked or minimized.  On the bright side, after such a disappointing start—it can only go up from here, right?  So, stick with me. I promise 2012 will be a year filled with fun post and uplifting insights.

About janelleevans

I'm a sleep deprived mother of three. I create young adult novels from the voices in my head.
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5 Responses to The day the world stopped spinning

  1. Jeremy Jensen says:

    Your the best. I read all of your blogs. This one made me proud. I love how u can pick your self up when you fall and have a good attitude. It helps me remind myself to do the same. Keep being yourself.

  2. Vicky De Leo says:

    Wow.Lighten up.This was not a catastrophe. Someone dying, losing one of your kids, being told you have cancer, Those are world stopping. Failing to meet a goal, doesn’t even rank up there with the washer overflowing.

    • Janelle Evans says:

      I would never say those types of things are not bigger catstrophes, but when you are in the middle of a disappointing moment it can feel like it. Everyone has a better perspective on life when the event is over and your looking back.

  3. Shanell says:

    Life is just one bump in the road after the other. The important thing is to hang on and keep on going.

  4. Natalie says:

    Hi! Natalie (Bates) Olsen here. I was your VT partner in Cedar for a while. I found your blog off of Lara Cook’s. I am sorry your blog didn’t post. That sucks. What?! You’re an author? That is awesome! Your kids are gorgeous! When did you have more?! Last time I checked, you only had your oldest. Crazy how life changes, isn’t it?!

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