The make-believe land of free: Things I wish I would have known when I was fifteen.

I signed my son up for kindergarten this week knowing he needed two more shots before school started in August.  Of course, when the school nurse and her assistant saw his immunization card they told me the same thing. 

I told them, “My husband just started his new job.  We will have insurance in a month and I will do the shots then.”  After all, my son had until August before school started.   

“Oh no, you should do them now,” the assistant said.  “Here in Wyoming, all immunizations are free if you don’t have insurance.”

I’m sure the assistant said this out of kindness and a desire to help, but his words highlight a rampant naivety in this country that’s worth addressing.  You hear the word free thrown around all the time, I’m even guilty of using it, but you need to understand nothing in this world is free.  Whether funds are acquired through taxes, donations, or by some other means, everything must be paid for.  By taking my son to the doctor without insurance, I’m kicking the responsibility of payment to others, in this instance, the taxpayers in the State of Wyoming.  I won’t do that.  Yes, I’ll be waiting a month for our insurance to start, but my son is my responsibility, I should pay for him.

It is good to have programs to help those in need, when the need arises, but notice the word need. Don’t live your life with your hand out waiting for someone or some government to fill it.  Do all you can to take care of yourself.  Be wise, live within your means, whatever that may be.  There is a sense of pride and self-worth that is only gained through hard work, not handouts.

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I'm a sleep deprived mother of three. I create young adult novels from the voices in my head.
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