Lost in “translation” or maybe it’s “transportation”

The move to Wyoming has been a very good one for my family.  Everywhere I go the people are friendly and helpful, and my children are thriving in the smaller class sizes.  Yet, there’s a few things I miss about Las Vegas.  One of which is the Ross “dress for less” clothing stores—where you can find cheap, Wal-mart-priced kids clothing, but of much better quality.  Sorry, Wal-Mart, but we both know it’s true.  So on my quick trip through Salt Lake City to visit the in-laws, I decided we’d stop at a Ross there and stock up. 

With my Google search of store locations smartly left behind :), we spent hours driving around, scanning every passing street sign for the word “Commerce”.  I was sure a Ross was located on this street.  Rolling East to West, we crisscrossed the town, passing “Constitution Ave.” several times, but never  “Commerce”.  Where in the heck was this stupid street?  That’s when my husband, on a hunch, drove us down Constitution Ave.  And there it was, the Ross I’d been searching for.

So what did I learn from all this fun?  First, don’t leave your goals behind.  Without them, your life will be plaque with aimless wandering with a good possibility of ending up nowhere.  Secondly, be careful whom you listen to, see how quickly bad advice can frustrate your life and get you off course.  I’m sure, next time, my husband will check for himself where a store is located before driving me there.  I know…I’m hopeless.  And third, life seldom works out like you plan, so always keep your humor near, laughing has a way of softening the aggravation you’ll feel.

About janelleevans

I'm a sleep deprived mother of three. I create young adult novels from the voices in my head.
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