Worth the read: “Confessions of a Serial Kisser” by Wednelin Van Draanen

This past week, I discovered a young adult author I’d never read before, though it seems she’s written quite a few.  After chuckling through her “Confessions of a Serial Kisser” novel, I sat wondering where Wendelin Van Draanen had been my whole life.  I loved this book, and not just because I was quite the multiple-kissing-offender myself as a teenager.

The story, which starts out as a kind of mock-u-mentary on how the heroine, Evangeline, goes from never-been-kissed to who-hasn’t-she-kissed.  The plot deepens into one of the most important lessons young girls can learn about themselves.  And the book manages to do that without being preachy.  Always a plus since most teenagers don’t like being told much of anything from adults.

Now mind you there’s a lot of kissing involved, so this book might shock the prude who would never do such a thing.  But for the rest of us who kissed a lot of frogs to find our prince, and for those still kissing away in search of him, “Confessions of a Serial Kisser”, by Wendelin Van Draanen is lip smacking fun that will leave you laughing.  And remind you what’s really most important before diving into the dating world with your lips puckered.

About janelleevans

I'm a sleep deprived mother of three. I create young adult novels from the voices in my head.
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