A romance role model

This week I stumbled upon a television version of Jane Austen’s Emma I had never seen before.  This particular story is my favorite of Austen’s work.  I’ve read the book several times and watched so many movie variations, you’d think I could have just turned the channel—but I didn’t, or maybe I should say couldn’t.  It doesn’t matter I know every twist and turn to the plot, the story of Emma never gets old for me. It’s what truly sets Jane Austen’s novels apart, they transcend time. Yes, we no longer have the same social barriers she used as her backdrop 200 years ago, but her grasp of the intricate dance everyone goes through for romance is profound.  From the longing looks infatuation brings, to the thrilling joy found when the one you want returns your affection.  Whenever I write romantic interludes in my novels, I try to remember that.  It’s not about the physicality of relationships; it’s the sweet buildup of growing tension that makes a reader squeal in delight.

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I'm a sleep deprived mother of three. I create young adult novels from the voices in my head.
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  1. Denice Whitmore says:

    My son had to read “Pride and Prejudice” for his English class. The last thing a high school senior boy wants to read is Jane Austin. He was having a hard time understanding it. I have the BBC mini series that is almost word for word the book. I got is for my birthday two years ago and had yet to watch it since I am the only girl in a house of six. How happy I was when he stayed home sick from school and being bored agreed to watch all 7 hours with me. We had a great discussion. He said “That wasn’t that bad. Glad I never have to watch it again.”

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