FARM LIFE 101: The Houdini Bull

In my novel RORY’S CHOICE, the bulls on the farm break down a fence and escape. I’d seen this happen several times on my in-law’s farm so I knew the setup was realistic. I found out this weekend bulls can be even sneaker than that.

During the breading season on a farm, yearlings are separated from the herd. And if you’re thinking what is a yearling? It’s a female cow that is now a year old.

The farming community is a literal bunch. J

Yearlings are kept separate because bulls don’t discriminate when it comes to the ladies. They run around impregnating every cow they can. But yearlings aren’t quite mature enough for having babies. I look at it like a thirteen-year-old teenager getting pregnant. Sure, the equipment can work, but the mental capacity to handle a baby without any assistance is not typically there.

Well…much to my father-in-law’s surprise, he discovered one of his yearlings was pregnant this year. Nobody can figure out how it happened. The yearlings are not kept close and the fence penning them in had never been broken down. I think my father-in-law has a “Houdini” bull on his hands.

Thankfully, the little momma and even tinier calf both survived. (Pictured below)


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I'm a sleep deprived mother of three. I create young adult novels from the voices in my head.
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