What else can I say but wow!

I still can’t believe what I witnessed this week. It was such an amazing event I have to share.

I’m in the bank, standing in front of the commercial teller waiting for her to finish the deposit for my part-time job, when the young woman standing in front of the next teller over becomes upset. The poor woman pleads with the teller for a cashier’s check.

“Please, I have two small children, and we haven’t had power in our home for over a week.”

“Ma’am, I can’t. There isn’t enough in your account,” the teller says, which only makes the woman even more desperate.

“Can’t you just float me the difference? There should be enough in there by next week. Please, we really can’t go without power another day, and the power company will not turn the power back on without the check.”

This isn’t the place where I personally bank, so I don’t have an account, but I’m wondering if maybe I have enough cash in my purse out in my vehicle to make up the difference. Before I can even open my mouth, an elderly woman standing in the next teller line beyond the frantic woman leans over.

“Use my account,” she says to the teller. “I’ll cover the cashier’s check.”

As if that wasn’t cool enough, while the teller made out the cashier’s check, the old woman had the teller she’d originally been dealing with to withdraw cash from her account as well. I have no idea how much money she gave that young woman in need, but I could clearly see a stack of hundreds as she pressed them into woman’s hands.

“We’ve all struggled at one time or another,” the old woman said patting her shoulder. “I hope this will help ease yours for a time.”

The young woman was so emotional she couldn’t speak, but the way she clutched that old woman before leaving it was a good thing she wasn’t frail.

With wonderful people like that running around it’s clear to me the goodness of pure charity has not been completely lost from humanity.

About janelleevans

I'm a sleep deprived mother of three. I create young adult novels from the voices in my head.
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