The human like qualities of the wildlife around here

My home here in Wyoming is at the edge of town, at the base of a mountain. I see tons of wildlife, especially on my early morning runs. Lately, I’ve noticed some crazy scenes. I don’t know if it’s my wandering mind that’s seeing what it wants to see, but I have to share.

One morning, I saw a huge group of deer, fawns and their mothers, crossing the street ahead of me. Okay, that’s not that weird, but they were crossing at a crosswalk. Some of the mother deer stopped in the middle of the road like they were crossing guards. The little fawns crossed in single file past them. Even funnier, the road they were crossing had an elementary school on the other side. The momma’s were getting their babies to school a little too early.

I call the road that leads out of my housing development a street of carnage. I swear bunnies come from far and wide to commit suicide on this street, hopping in front moving of vehicles at an alarming rate.

I came upon a group of bunnies standing in the center of a streetlamp’s glow. I kept thinking, why don’t they scatter? as I jogged closer and closer. I was almost on top of them when they finally did hop away, except for one that had been squashed by a car. It was like I’d interrupted a funeral service and those bunnies had been paying their respects to a fallen comrade. Yes, they seem to have psycho death wishes, but I still kind of felt bad.

About janelleevans

I'm a sleep deprived mother of three. I create young adult novels from the voices in my head.
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