‘Good Enough’: Things I wish I would have known when I was fifteen

My daughter has been taking piano lessons for over a year now. At first it was fairly easy for her. She had three previous years of violin lessons, so her ability to read music was already there. With each passing lesson the music has grown more difficult, requiring her to practice more to be able to pass off the songs given each week.

This past week I told her she needed to redo the Christmas song again. The piece has an intricate melody, but her timing was off. It didn’t even sound like “Away in a Manger.”

She freaked out and slammed her hands down on the keys. “Jeez mom, that was good enough. I’m not Aunt Leann.”

Now right about here I should tell you Leann is my sister-in-law. She is a beast when it comes to the piano. She can play anything, and I mean anything. I can only think of two other people I’ve met in my life that can play the piano at the level she does—and I’m not one of them.

So when my daughter threw Leann out I guess she figured she won the argument, but I laughed. “She wasn’t the Aunt Leann you know when she was your age either. She didn’t just wake up one day and play the piano. She had to practice, and practice a lot I might add, to become the kind of piano player she is. Who knows, if you’ll stop being satisfied with ‘good enough’ you might just get as good as her.”

There is nothing more stagnating than a ‘good enough’ attitude. Everything in life worth having or doing will eventually become challenging at some point. Don’t give up. Don’t sell yourself short with ‘that’s good enough.’ Push—stretch yourself to the very limits. Only then will you discover the full potential that is locked inside you.

About janelleevans

I'm a sleep deprived mother of three. I create young adult novels from the voices in my head.
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