Maybe this time don’t order the usual

Working in a publishing house has given me opportunities to read books that I wouldn’t normally have sought out for my own personal enjoyment. For years my go-to preference has been YA books with strong female leads. When people would tell me to read a book from some other genre I’d often kindly tell them, “Those kinds of books aren’t my cup of tea.”

I’m starting to realize what a foolish response that was. Like a child who refuses to try any food that’s green, I’d been eating up the same style of books for years because I couldn’t be sure other books would entertain me the way YA books did.

I’ve now read so many different styles, even a Sci-fi that I absolutely loved. Gasp! How is that possible? But it’s true. And if I could boldly offer you some advice, you should do the same. I hope this Christmas season you’ll take the opportunity to pick up a genre totally different from your usual. I also hope you’ll do those many not-so-well-known authors out there a solid. E-books aren’t all that expensive. It won’t hurt your pocketbook that much to give one of the little guys a try. I know from experience they’ll appreciate far more than words can express.

If you haven’t discovered my books you can find my complete young adult series through the link below.

The Rory’s Choice Series

About janelleevans

I'm a sleep deprived mother of three. I create young adult novels from the voices in my head.
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