A reunion almost eight years in the making

This post is especially poignant for me.  I’ve been writing for over decade, but for almost eight years now the space I had to use was my kitchen table. I began this journey of writing on a beautiful oversized desk, that was once my husband’s but ended up being mine since I commandeered so much of its time. As always, my loving husband didn’t mind. In fact, Mr. Constant Encouragement never minds.

When we had to sell our house in the Henderson, Nevada area I lost my office space. I learned to work in open areas, teaming with distractions. All the while my husband would promise, “One day, you’ll have an office again.”

Years passed, hardships came and went, along with many moves. Without fail, each new place didn’t have a space or a doorway big enough for that big beautiful desk. The poor thing sat in unfinished basements collecting dust, while I trudged on determined to make time for my writing, even if that meant the middle of the night.

Two years ago we moved again, and once again, there was no office space.

“We’ll make you an office here, in this house,” my husband said.

I’ll be honest, as a typical mom, I’m more concerned about making sure my children’s needs are met, but my husband wouldn’t be derailed. Every evening, almost every weekend for the past eight months, he has worked on the basement. It’s crazy hard to do it all by yourself, but being able to be in my own office, sitting at the big beautiful desk for the first time in almost eight years, I’m beyond grateful for his effort.

This desk is where it all began for me. Where I found a path in life that truly fills my soul with joy. Where my first heroine, Rory Olsen, in the Rory’s Choice series, took her first breath in my imagination. I’m so glad to have you back, old friend.

My new office


About janelleevans

I'm a sleep deprived mother of three. I create young adult novels from the voices in my head.
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