Clueless and not ashamed to admit it

I spoke to a room full of girls over the weekend. My focus was on the importance of recognized that everyone you meet has something they can teach you.

I shared with them an experience I recently had with a teenage boy about sixteen-years-old. We were trying to connect a phone to an outdoor speaker to play music for a large area. The cord I brought to connect the two wasn’t working.

The young man said, “It’s okay, the speaker is Bluetooth ready, we can connect it that way instead.”

“But won’t that use too much of your data?” I had always thought that being connected wirelessly to devices doubled the data usage.

He gave me the-old-woman-can’t-be-serious look I’ve been getting more and more often lately. “Connecting to devices wirelessly doesn’t use your data, only the music or videos you stream use the data.”

“Really?” I said, not even minding that he laughed at me. “Well I just learned something new.”

The young girls in the room seemed shocked that I would share such a story, but I only smiled more. “There’s nothing wrong with not knowing everything. That’s why I said everyone you meet has something they can teach you, even someone younger.”

A lack of knowledge is nothing to be embarrassed about—it’s the whole point of life—to learn new things every day. So if you don’t feel dumb at least once every day, maybe you need to reconsider stepping out of your comfort zone and look for new things to learn.

About janelleevans

I'm a sleep deprived mother of three. I create young adult novels from the voices in my head.
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