Springing a leak

This week was a funny reminder that life doesn’t often happen when it’s convenient and it seldom works out the way we plan.

My kitchen faucet sprung a leak. The faucet has an internal hose that attaches to the head so I can pull it down for close power sprays whenever I’m scrubbing dishing or the sink itself. At first, the hole in the internal hose was so small water barely dribbled out. By day three, the dribble had turned into a substantial stream. Even worse, I realized some of the escaping water was falling back down inside the faucet and dripping all over the inside of the cabinetry below.

I figured squeaking out time for an unplanned visit to the home improvement store from my busy schedule would fix the problem. And I was right–kind of.

The store only offered a universal-type hose that was supposed to fix every make and model. Once I got it home, we discovered that somehow my faucet’s make and model didn’t make the cut. The faucet’s neck was too narrow for the fitting on the end of the hose to go through. So now we had a non-leaking hose but it couldn’t be fed up through the faucet or attached to the head.

My next bright idea had me looking on Amazon. Blessed day, I found the exact part, but sadly, it would take a few days to get here. (Oh how I’ve miss one day shipping during this pandemic.)

I had a choice to make. Either put the original leaking hose back on, or leave the unworkable new hose snaking out from the doors of my cabinetry until the right part finally arrived.

We decided to go with the non-leaker, thinking that would help us avoid all unwanted water damage to the kitchen. Of course, that didn’t account for my thirteen-year-old son. He turned the hose on at full strength to fill a cup the first time he used it. He didn’t realize how much the faucet head regulates the amount of water that comes out, so he ended up spraying water everywhere and I ended up on my knees, towels in hand, soaking up the water as fast as humanly possible.

Oh what a grand adventure it’s been this week! Though it took many twists and turns to over come such a little problem, it did eventually get worked out. And that’s the most important lesson of all. Yes, life is full of curve balls. But no matter how bad it gets, it will eventually work out. So never give up and just keep plugging along.


About janelleevans

I'm a sleep deprived mother of three. I create young adult novels from the voices in my head.
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