The power of choice

I don’t know about you, but I’m surprised at how social media has become an never-ending experience of walking on eggshells for some. Heaven forbid you don’t agree with every single person your friends with. I hate to break it to you, but I’ve friended a lot of people on Facebook, and I don’t want to unfriend any of them. They all come from different backgrounds and life experiences, and their posts offer me a glimpses into their lives and many different view points. That’s something to be cherished, not destroyed.

Sometimes I don’t agree with what has been posted, but here’s the beautiful thing, after reading it I don’t have to repost it or comment on it. And If I do choose to comment on it, I have to accept that my opinions might not always be well received. There’s nothing wrong with that. It is important that we allow each to choose for themselves how they will think, feel, and act. Remember, trying to force people to do what you think is right has never made anyone a better person. Goodness is not something that can be dictated from others, it can only be found within. And true goodness is only real when it is offered to others freely, despite how you are being treated. No one has the power to stand in judgement of you, so stop allowing others and inanimate things to offend you. Every emotion you experience in life is a choice, choose wisely where you will expend that energy.

About janelleevans

I'm a sleep deprived mother of three. I create young adult novels from the voices in my head.
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