Not a Mozart, but getting better

Going back through my oldest posts, I discovered this one. The memory made me smile so much I decided it was worth sharing one more time. As for an update…my piano playing has improved even more from when I first posted this in 2016. I’ve even learned to play and sing fairly complicated songs for my own enjoyment.

Playing the piano has never been my strongest talent, especially when others are watching.  Sometimes, I fumble over the keys so badly it’s hard to discern what song I’m attempting to play.  But as fate would have it, there are few who play the piano where I live, so my skills as an accompanist, though pitiful, are needed. It’s forced me to practice more often than I ever have before.

This week I realized I had a song coming up next month I’d never dared attempt before. I’d always considered it way above my playing abilities, but now it was a required piece for the children’s program.  Well…worst case scenario, I’d be playing the top hand only.

When I began plunking out the notes for both my left and right hand, I discovered the song wasn’t quite as impossible as I’d always thought, or maybe all this practicing was actually improving my skills.  Pretty cool when you consider I had no idea I was getting any better.  That’s the great thing about a challenge–if you don’t give up, you might just find out, like I did, the baby steps of practice are actually getting you somewhere.

About janelleevans

I'm a sleep deprived mother of three. I create young adult novels from the voices in my head.
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