My youngest son and his ridiculous abs

Yes, I have another wrestling story. I’m sorry these are back to back but this one is so funny I have to share.

While at our team’s latest tournament, about five high school girls wandered in and sat near me. They knew nothing about wrestling but the school day was over so I they were passing time and chatting like all groups of girls tend to do. I wasn’t paying them much attention since my son was on the mat wrestling. He went all three rounds with the kid, but ended up losing in the final moments. It was such a good match, I still gave him a loud cheer.

After speaking with the coaches, he runs up into the stands to see me. And I’m holding the sweatshirt he left with me so he could wrestle. He is absolutely beaming about what he accomplished and is talking a mile a minute while he pulls the straps of his singlet off his shoulders and exposes his chest. The young girls near me who had been quite talkative themselves the entire time went noticeably quiet. I glanced over and all their eyes were wide and staring at my son’s defined chest. He had just gone almost six minutes of strenuous wrestling so his muscles were popping even more than normal, and the kid has the pleasure of having very little body fat. But the best part, he was completely oblivious to their ogling.

I start laughing. I didn’t want to embarrass them nor my son, but I couldn’t help it.

“What?” he says.

“Nothing. Put your shirt on.”

“Oh, okay.” He yanks it on in one swift motion and leaves me to go join the team–still oblivious.

Those girls didn’t stay for much longer, and I felt bad. But I didn’t know to fix the awkward elephant in the room. I guess I could have told them my son was a freshman and girls still weren’t on his radar yet, but I think that would have made it worse.

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I'm a sleep deprived mother of three. I create young adult novels from the voices in my head.
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