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Who knew my kid had it in him?

My youngest son was asked to his first “couples” dance a few months ago. He’s almost sixteen but still has zero interest in romance at this point in his life. That’s fine with me, but when a young lady ask … Continue reading

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I’m turning into an unintended dating service

This week I had to opportunity to spend time with two young women on a long car ride into town. I always love talking with the youth and getting their perspective on things. Somehow we wandered into the topic of … Continue reading

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Almost Prom-mageddon

My daughter’s date to the prom this year entered a romantic relationship with another girl a few weeks ago. That was fine with my daughter since they had only ever been friends, and they would only be attending the dance … Continue reading

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Boys should not be your focus

Like most young ladies, my daughter struggles to believe any young man will ever like her enough to want to be in a relationship with her. She doesn’t think she’s pretty enough, skinny enough, smart enough, athletic enough–pick a category–it’s … Continue reading

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