Is it love? (Part 1) Things I wish I would have known when I was fifteen.

Adults often say teenagers don’t know what love is, but I disagree.  The powerful tingles I felt for certain boys throughout high school, were the exact same thing I felt while dating my husband.  Was all of it love?  Oh yeah, but here’s the kicker, for relationships to really go the distance you need to be able to build something together—beyond the tingle.  And unfortunately these feelings can blind you to the kind of person you are dating.  Be careful.  Or you might find yourself tied to the village idiot before the haze lifts.  Trust me.  The haze will always eventually lift.

But I’m just kid having fun right now.  Why should I care? 

Under the guidance of your parents, now is the perfect time to practice good dating habits.  I doubt your parents are going to go gaga over anyone you bring home, which means they’ll have a clear head when there’s a good chance you won’t.  Listen to them, they are your first line of defense.  Never blow-off your parent’s advice—especially when it comes to dating.  Band-Aids won’t fix mistakes made in the dating arena, and can stay with you your entire life.

In next week’s segment, “Is is love?” (Part 2), I’ll give tips on where to find your perfect date.

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I'm a sleep deprived mother of three. I create young adult novels from the voices in my head.
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1 Response to Is it love? (Part 1) Things I wish I would have known when I was fifteen.

  1. Vicky De Leo says:

    If I had follorwed my father’s advise, I’d never be married. When my husband asked for my hand in marriage, my dad said, “Not no, but hell no.” It took me at least half a day to convince my now husband that my father wasn’t the one making the decision. Dad never thought anyone was good enough for his little girl.

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